No Country for Old Men | #002

June 12th, 2017

I'm continuing my study of the movie No Country For Old Men with the next sequence of shots, right after the opening landscape sequence.

As with the first sequence, my aim was to capture the essence of the scene with a few of the big and medium sized shapes. The color palette and composition are paramount, while maintaining a clarity of each element. I realize I could probably push the abstraction even more and still maintain readability.

Starting out with a man in black being arrested in the middle of nowhere is a striking image that piques our interests, and our curiosity is stoked even further with a brief shot of an unusual device that is presumably connected with the man being arrested.

Notice the man with the bad haircut sitting in the back, silhouetted by the window. Even though we don't see his face, we are already presented with a striking silhouette to associate with this character.

It's a brief sequence that sets the stage for something out of the ordinary to come.

If you haven't seen the film or read the book, I highly recommend them both.

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