Ulysses thought if he could dress like them, he just might be able to get by unnoticed. read more

Lenny's Noodles

Carl, a long time customer comes by every day after the lunch crowds are gone. read more

The Journey Home

Every afternoon Sabine walks home with her granddaughter through the same streets that she used to play in as a little girl. Based on a photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson. read more

Belly Flop

I found this old drawing I did a while back in my sketchbook of this little guy. I always liked the drawing, so today I decided to color it in and put him in an environment. He might just end up emptying out that tiny pool. read more

No Country for Old Men | Opening

No Country For Old Men, by Joel and Ethan Coen opens with a series of landscape shots with the sun rising over the barren arena in which the narrative takes place. I love the look of this film, and wanted to begin understanding some of the cinematic choices of cinematographer ... read more