Since writing is what generates inspiration—and not the reverse—abundant writing produces abundant inspiration. – Stephen Koch, The Modern Library’s Writer’s Workshop

Dishonesty about what really pleases your imagination is outright dangerous to you as a writer – Stephen Koch, The Modern Library’s Writer’s Workshop

At a certain moment in your life as a writer, you should resolve to read only what really matters to you. Not what people say should matter. What does. You should seek that out relentlessly, find it, and then you should read and read and read. – Stephen Koch, The Modern Library’s Writer’s Workshop

Just dream it up and let the thing play itself out as it seems to want to, and then write it again, and still again, dreaming it through, and then try to be terribly smart about it. — Richard Bausch

If the voices keep calling, if the itch remains, no matter how punishing the work or inhospitable the world, then you must take a long hard look at all the writing you’ve been attempting to do all your life and commit to it. — Betsy Lerner

Talent, even of a very high order, cannot sustain an achievement, whereas a ruling passion gives to a shelf of novels the unity of a system. — Graham Greene

But even as you look for permission, you are unlikely to succeed as a writer unless you learn to cherish and exploit whatever in you is nervy and defiant—the rather transgressive you who insists that no matter what other people want, no matter what other people say you should think, you are going to say […]

[T]he only place they [your ideas] can germinate and grow is on the page. – Stephen Koch, The Modern Library’s Writer’s Workshop

If you are struggling with what you should be writing, look at your scraps. Encoded there are the times and subjects that you should be grappling with as a writer. – Betsy Lerner

Beginning a book is unpleasant. I’m entirely uncertain about the character and the predicament, and a character in his predicament is what I have to begin with. […] I often have to write a hundred pages or more before there’s a paragraph that’s alive. – Philip Roth